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Business Recovery Project Management Case Study

Manufacturing business with a difficult 12 week deadline to resume production

Incident: Large fire at a radiator manufacturing facility causing roof damage

Our Approach: Business Recovery Project Management

Challenge: Get production up and running to reduce BI and customer disruption

large radiator manufacturer producing 25,000 radiators a week suffered a large fire, meaning production had to be outsourced at an ICOW of £200k a week. The fire caused significant smoke and extinguishant water damage to the roofing, as well as in-house production and painting facilities. DF&A were requested by the business owner to project manage recovery work, following involvement in a previous claim a few years prior. A deadline of 10-12 weeks to recommence in-house painting had been set, in order to ensure the business continued to meet contractual requirements with their customers. Due to the magnitude of the project, once loss mitigation measures had been put in place, there were 5 days spent planning recovery, with 27 separate contractors involved in the recovery process. Internal scaffolds were erected to allow simultaneous work on roof repairs, plant/equipment repairs and asbestos removal. Through DF&A’s diligent approach to project management that focused on business interruption, the impact on the business and its customer, as well as increased costs of working, in-house painting resumed 8 weeks after fire, 16 weeks faster than initial estimates by other professionals. This led to a potential £3.2m reduction in overall claim costs. Most importantly, the business kept its contracts and were back to business as usual in 8 weeks.

  • BI focused project management to reduce interruption
  • Claim life cycle reduced by 16 weeks
  • £3.2m in savings through reduced BI and ICOW
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