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Commercial Property Case Study

Intricate building design causing concerns for decontamination…

Incident: Large fire in a photography studio causing smoke and water damage

Our Approach: Visual inspection, contamination profiling, independent scope of works

Challenge: Devise a methodology to avoid wide-scale strip out and repairs

A prominent photographic studio offering bespoke photography and filmography studio spaces to high end clients suffered a large fire. This caused significant smoke and extinguishant water damage to the roofing, which housed intricate and uniquely designed lighting and electrical rigs. It also caused damage to an infinity cove, a highly specialist photography installation that would have cost millions to replace. There were also concerns surrounding the presence of asbestos within the roofing. DF&A were engaged to see if there would be any way to repair and dry the roofing and infinity cove in situ, avoiding replacement which would have been both a costly and lengthy process. DF&A carried out contamination profiling to assess the extent and severity of smoke damage, and from there devised an extensive drying and decontamination methodology, which was sympathetic to the intricate nature of the roofing set ups and materials in use. Our independent analysis and advice was crucial to engaging all stakeholders in the process, and ensured significant cost savings, as well as a large reduction in the claim timeline.

  • Scientifically supported independent advice
  • Claim life cycle significantly reduced
  • ¬£3m in savings through restoration instead of replacement
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