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Mould is a complex issue in any property. It is always met with concern, and there isn’t always a clear understanding of how serious the issue might be or what impact it could have on a property and/or its occupants. There is also the further difficulty of determining what is causing the issue; because without a moisture source, mould can’t grow. Without putting the right experts in place to resolve mould problems, the issues can become increasingly difficult to resolve to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

DF&A provide an independent consultancy service, in conjunction with our team of environmental scientists, to effectively determine the cause, extent and severity of mould issues within a property. We then give you the advice you need to resolve the issues. When engaging DF&A on your project or claim we will

  • Determine what is causing the mould to grow through detailed visual and moisture surveys of the property
  • Advise of any contributory building defects
  • Establish the extent and severity of damage to building finishes, fabric and contents
  • Carry out invasive investigation to understand the impact on hidden areas e.g. floor, wall and ceiling voids.
  • Establish the quantities of live/dead microbiological matter present on surfaces and in the air
  • Define the species of fungi and bacteria present
  • Provide a scope of works for strip out, drying and reinstatement in line with best practice

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