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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Business Owners

When you’re dealing with post-disaster damage in your business, DF&A know you need to have it resolved as quickly as possible. We know that you need the right suppliers in place without delay to get your business back up and running, avoiding disruption to your staff and customers. We also know that you want the best outcome possible after such a difficult event, with your insurer supporting you with the best expertise available to return you back to a pre-damage condition and where appropriate build back better, with appropriate resilience measures to manage future risk.

At DF&A, we combine a unique set of practical, technical and scientific skills and services to ‘make things happen’ without delay, on every claim we’re involved in. DF&A drive the claims process forward, focused on getting you back in business.

We ensure that business owners:

  • Always receive from DF&A independent and impartial advice
  • Are able to access the most appropriate damage investigation techniques
  • Understand the cause, extent and severity of the damage
  • Are able to accurately compare supplier estimates
  • Always receive business focused scopes of strip-out, decontamination, drying and reinstatement works, built to avoid disruption to operations
  • Know that the damage cause has been resolved, not just the symptoms
  • Are confident in the efficacy and effectiveness of any works undertaken
  • Avoid unnecessary interruption to your business, staff and customers
  • Are confident in the approach being taken to restore your property
  • Can build in resilience measures wherever possible to manage future risk

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