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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery


At DF&A, we know that claims in high net worth properties can be complex. The bespoke construction methodologies have to be considered, as well as the high value of finishes throughout. You need a very focused approach to restoration work; one that controls costs through independent validation of strip out methodologies. You need to be confident that you have the right experts in place to satisfy your policyholder, whilst effectively managing costs and project timelines.

DF&A specialise in resolving high net worth claims, providing a tailored approach to each property and policyholder.  At DF&A we ensure that you:

  • Receive independent expertise from consultants experienced in the challenges posed during high net worth claims
  • Have an accurate record of the damage to high-value buildings and contents through our Damage Scene Recording services providing a ‘digital twin’ of the property.
  • Are given advice that considers the unique construction methodology and materials used in the property
  • Avoid costly secondary damage during unnecessarily drawn-out tender/scoping processes. DF&A ‘make things happen’, providing scopes of work in hours and days, not weeks and months.
  • Receive scopes of works for drying, decontamination and strip out built to restore rather than reinstate wherever feasible.
  • Have a bespoke approach to the claim that balances restoration and reinstatement approaches with alternative accommodation costs and needs.
  • Have scientific evidence to resolve concerns surrounding restoration methodology, contamination and the efficacy of works undertaken.

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