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Real Estate

When you’re dealing with a real estate claim, we know that you aren’t just handling an isolated incident. As your real estate client’s insurer of choice, you’re handling the welfare of their entire property stock, as well as their reputation and financial interests. DF&A know you need to deliver a consistency of service to retain your client’s trust, and above all, rectify the damage they’re facing after the disaster.

At DF&A, we combine a unique set of practical, technical and scientific skills and services, and have repeatedly worked with insurers to assist the UK’s largest real estate companies in recovering from disasters. DF&A ensure that you and your client will:

  • Always receive from DF&A independent and impartial advice
  • Have an accurate record of the extent of damage to buildings and contents, by producing a ‘digital twin’ of the property with our Damage Scene Recording service, allowing you to engage all stakeholders in recovery processes
  • Be able to access the most appropriate damage investigation techniques, whether the loss is in a block of flats, heritage property, or commercial operation
  • Understand the cause, extent and severity of the damage – both physical and contamination related
  • Always receive focused and independent scopes of strip-out, decontamination, drying and reinstatement works aimed to reduce interruption and unnecessary costs
  • Be able to accurately compare supplier estimates, for the best value and results
  • Know that the damage cause has been resolved, not just the symptoms, ensuring the claim has been resolved first time
  • Are confident in the efficacy and effectiveness of restoration works
  • Can resolve any disputes with stakeholders
  • Can reduce business interruption and alternative accommodation needs

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