Damage Scene Recording

Damage Scene Recording

After any loss you need to make fast, informed decisions. Within the first ‘golden’ 24 hours you need to understand the extent and severity of physical damage so that mitigation work can rapidly commence to reduce consequential damage.

This is where DF&A are here to help with our comprehensive Damage Scene Recording service:

Drones operated by our CAA qualified pilots quickly and safely video survey external and internal building elements from which interactive 3D models are built.

360 photogrammetry gives a detailed interactive photographic walkthrough, documenting the condition of the property interior and contents.

Laser scanning creates a 3D high resolution ‘digital twin’ of the property allowing detailed structural analyses to be undertaken.

. Can be utilised for both residential and commercial properties
. Reveals the extent of structural damage especially in difficult to access areas
.  Accurately records the ‘Day 1’ condition of contents
. Can be shared on-line for rapid information sharing and to reduce the number of visits and people required at site
. Enables quick decisions to be made on what mitigation action is required and by whom.

For more information call us on 0800 876 6626 or email info@davis-french-associates.co.uk