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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Laser Scanning

As part of our Damage Scene Recording offering, DFA’s laser scanning service utilises industry-leading laser measurement technology to allow detailed structural analyses to be undertaken. Our project specialists alongside our expert consultants, including structural engineers, carry out precise on-site laser scanning to quickly establish the extent and severity of structural damage to a property. 

DF&A provide you with a unique login to our Damage Scene Recording portal, allowing you to access your laser scan imagery and analysis whenever you need it, providing a digitally precise record of each and every individual element of a building’s construction. 

By engaging DF&A’s project specialists to carry out laser scanning of the property, we quickly provide you with the ‘big picture’ and mobilise the right people to resolve the issues at hand. Our Damage Scene Recording service ensures that you can: 

  • Quickly evaluate structural damage in hours and days, weeks faster than traditional methods 
  • Reduce project timelines and costs by rapidly engaging the appropriate specialists e.g., demolition experts and roofing contractors 
  • Take a holistic view of the damage and the scale of the project by first addressing the building condition 
  • Bring the site to the specialists – avoid delays whilst awaiting site visits 
  • Provide more accurate reserving/value at risk calculations 
  • Understand which building elements can successfully be repaired, and which are beyond economic restoration 
  • Engage all key stakeholders in the process, offering transparency in decision making, as well as peace of mind 

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