Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

DF&A offer bespoke laboratory testing services for anything related to contamination in the indoor environment. DF&A combine our practical knowledge and experience of damage management, with a team of environmental scientists and in-house laboratory facilities. We are available to you to help establish the cause, severity, and extent of any indoor environment issue. Wherever, whenever, whatever.

Types of testing available

DF&A offer a full range of testing designed to provide you with quantitative, scientific information to inform your decisions when dealing with contamination within a property. Before and after undertaking a strip out, drying or decontamination regime, DF&A can provide bespoke testing. This testing is tailored to ensure that only appropriate works are undertaken, that the environment to do them in is safe, and that they are completed to the highest standard. Whether it is: establishing the extent of contamination after a fire, the cause of an ongoing damp issue, the efficacy of decontamination after a sewage incident or the air quality after a chemical incident, DF&A have a testing solution.

Water testing
Rising damp profiling
Establishing source of water sample
Establishing moisture content of material sample

Fire/Chemical testing
Establishing concentration of contamination i.e. how much contamination is present, both air and surface?
Establishing chemical content of a sample i.e. what chemicals are present, both air and surface?
Visually profiling the contamination i.e. what is incident versus non-incident related damage?

Mould testing
How much mould is in the air?
How much mould is on a surface?
What types of mould are present?

Air testing
Establishing chemical content of air
Establishing concentration of air contamination

Microbiological testing
Is bio-matter present?
What is the source of the bio matter e.g. sewage?
What organisms are present e.g. bacteria?


We are now also able to offer a comprehensive test for the presence of SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) on non-porous, hard surfaces. Please see our COVID-19 page for further information.