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Whether in a commercial or residential property, chemical spillages or contamination can be incredibly complex. Whether through misuse of commercial chemicals, a chemical explosion, or a fire, chemical contamination can both be a risk to occupants and contractors, as well as causing secondary damage through corrosion. To put in place an effective decontamination and remediation methodology, establishing the types, quantities and severity of contamination from the outset is crucial.

DF&A carry out a range of chemical testing after a disaster to give you independent and objective information that outlines the extent and severity of contamination. DF&A’s testing services help you to understand:

  • Site safety for occupants and contractors alike
  • The types of contamination present
  • The quantities present
  • How far the contamination has spread
  • How harmful/severe the contaminants present are
  • The impact of the contaminants on the building fabric, its fixtures and fittings and contents
  • The impact on air quality
  • The efficacy of decontamination works through clearance testing

DF&A then contextualise our findings, helping you to understand what this means for the particular property, and the actions required to resolve the issues.

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