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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Contamination Profiling

At DF&A, we understand that after any disaster, it is crucial to fully understand the nature of contamination and the ramifications. This is important both to minimise any secondary damage and to prioritise recovery activity. Our objective is to identify the contamination source and types, what has been affected, and what this means for the property, its fixtures and fittings and contents.

Using our wealth of technical knowledge, and our bespoke in-house laboratory, DF&A can quickly investigate any disaster related contamination. This is achieved by:

  • Carrying out a detailed on-site survey, involving sampling of both air and surfaces.
  • Considering building construction, contents and the wider environment
  • Understanding the type of contamination present, and its impact on building materials and contents
  • Quantifying the contamination levels
  • Providing in-depth reporting and advice on the extent and severity of contamination, with recommendations on how to restore, reinstate, and resolve

By providing you with independent expert advice, you can make quick and informed decisions on what immediate loss mitigation measures are required to prevent further secondary damage buying time to make considered decisions on decontamination, restoration, repair options. By establishing the true extent of contamination, DF&A quickly determine what is incident and non-incident related damage, meaning you can avoid any unnecessary, and potentially costly or lengthy works being undertaken.

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