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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Loss Mitigation

When a property has suffered a fire, flood, escape of water or other disaster, it is crucial to ensure that loss is mitigated effectively. Without effective loss mitigation measures, the secondary damage can become even more significant than the initial incident. For example, following an escape of water, failure to strip out surface coverings and control the environment and humidity will lead to further moisture damage through condensation, as well as mould establishing itself. This then adds further costs and length to the project by having to rectify the secondary issues.

By engaing DF&A on day 1 after your disaster, we can co-ordinate all loss mitigation activity. We ensure you have the right team of people in place to prevent escalation of the damage, ensuring the loss is effectively mitigated and managed to avoid secondary damage. DF&A’s independent consultants will:

  • Carry out detailed damage assessment
  • Advise on the appropriate contractors needed to mitigate the loss (damage management specialists, electricians, scaffolders, roofers etc.)
  • Carry out contamination profiling to avoid secondary damage through corrosion or microbiological issues
  • Co-ordinate all contractor activity to ensure swift resolution


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