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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

OEM Engagement

Following any disaster, the effect of contamination on any piece of electrical/mechanical equipment or machinery has to be considered. Water or smoke ingress to mechanical and electrical components can cause corrosion and severely increase the risk of failure, or cause the equipment to become beyond economical restoration altogether. However, without an independent view on the level of damage, too often, replacement is seen as the only viable route. In most instances, this is simply not the case, with restoration being the most cost-effective, sustainable and beneficial option available to the owner or business.

DF&A’s independent consultants specialise in working with the original equipment manufacturers following a disaster. We provide an independent investigation into the extent and severity of damage to machinery and equipment, providing scientifically supported advice to allow informed decision making on actions required with each piece of equipment.

DF&A will:

  • Carry out a thorough visual inspection of the equipment, assessing the equipment’s function, age, component parts and extent of damage suffered
  • Perform contamination profiling or further specialised scientific testing to assess the severity of damage to components
  • Engage with original equipment manufacturers to understand the availability of replacement parts and manage warranties
  • Engage with original equipment manufacturers to make them part of a holistic project process, to avoid adversarial situations where the OEM insists replacement is the only option.
  • Engage all stakeholders to understand the benefits to the business of restoring equipment, balanced against business needs, the level of damage, lead times to source new equipment, as well as training and implementation for new items.
  • Engage appropriate contractors to decontaminate and recommission equipment


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