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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Proposal Validation

After any disaster, there are always proposals for damage management works. Whether it is drying, decontamination, strip out, or a combination of all three, you need to be confident that only the appropriate works are being undertaken. You also need to know that they are being done for the right price, with the right methodology being proposed.

Whether the proposal has formed part of a DF&A scoping and tender process, or you just need independent validation of a proposal from a damage management contractor, surveyor or loss assessor, DF&A will provide objective and impartial advice regarding its validity.

DF&A will:

  • Carry out an independent inspection of the property and damage
  • Review the proposal in detail, assessing each element (strip out, decontamination, drying and reinstatement)
  • Impartially validate the proposal and the recommended works
  • Engage approved contractors to carry out comparative pricing works
  • Provide sustainable alternatives to intensive strip out and reinstatement proposals

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