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Scope of Works

When dealing with drying, decontamination or strip out after a water or fire related disaster, it is crucial to set an appropriate scope of works. You need to be confident that it goes far enough to avoid any issues or secondary damage cropping up in the future. However, you also need to ensure that only appropriate works are undertaken, that will deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders whilst keeping a tight control of costs. Almost all suppliers will have a vested interest in maximising the size of the scope of works, due to the fact they will be carrying out the works, or their fees being based on a percentage of the final claim/project costs.

DF&A offer a unique and independent scope of works service. DF&A have no vested interest in the size of the scope. We work on a time and materials basis to ensure that you receive a scope of works that will resolve the issues at hand, whilst offering a fast, sustainable and cost-effective project delivery. DF&A will:

  • Carry out an independent inspection of the property and damage
  • Carry out appropriate investigation methodologies to establish the cause, extent and severity of damage
  • Carry out Damage Scene Recording utilising our technological surveying services, producing a ‘digital twin’ of the property, to serve as a basis for all works for all stakeholders
  • Impartially validate any previous proposals as part of the process
  • Produce a scope of works document encompassing all required drying, decontamination and strip out works
  • Engage appropriate contractors to price against our independent scope of works as part of a wider tender process
  • Provide sustainable alternatives to intensive strip out and reinstatement proposals

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