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Consultants in Damage Assessment & Business Recovery

Supplier Selection Advice

When selecting a contractor for damage management works such as strip out, drying or decontamination, how do you know you’re making the right choice? Whether as part of a tender process, or as a standalone appointment, the success of a project hinges on putting the right people in place to achieve your objectives. You need to be confident that the supplier has the appropriate expertise, resources and understanding of the project to deliver on their promises.

DF&A’s independent consultants provide you with an objective overview of the contractors and their proposals, as well as their understanding of the project requirements. DF&A have a depth of knowledge of the different suppliers available in the market, and can help you to make an informed choice beyond simply choosing on price alone.

DF&A will:

  • Validate contractor proposals
  • Assess their resources and capacity to meet project deadlines
  • Ensure they have understood the project brief (as outlined in our scope of works), and that their proposed works meet this in full
  • Take a holistic approach to ensure the right supplier is chosen, evaluating not just price, but capability, experience and available resources.

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