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Dipslide Testing

DF&A utilise dipslide testing to perform sampling and analysis for biological contamination. The gold standard of whether a sample is contaminated or not is to use a culture-based method like dipslides. Using a universal medium, laced with the additive TTC, the total viable microbial count can be determined. Additionally, specialised media containing certain growth factors and suppressants allow for a more specific microorganism identification, including bacterial coliform growth.

Dipslides are simple and cost-effective to use, and provide a clear visual context regarding the levels of microbial activity on a given surface, as well as the presence of harmful bacteria such as E.coli. Once samples have been taken and cultured at the DF&A laboratory, the slides are analysed by our team of environmental scientists. A technical report is then provided with statistics regarding the total viable bacteria count and coliform count per sample, along with a simple ‘pass/fail’ indication regarding the microbial cleanliness of the surface.

DF&A use dipslide testing to:

  • Give a useful, rapid and qualitative indicator of the overall cleanliness of a surface
  • Provide biological contamination testing in a cost-effective manner
  • Assess the extent and severity of contamination following foul water events
  • Pinpoint the presence and location of harmful bacteria
  • Validate the efficacy of decontamination processes
  • Guide further avenues of investigation

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