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Mould Testing

Mould is a complex issue in any property. It is always met with concern, and there isn’t always a clear understanding of how serious the issue might be or what impact it could have on a property and/or its occupants. There is also the further difficulty of determining what is causing the issue; because without a moisture source, mould can’t grow.

DF&A have developed a full suite of mould testing techniques that definitively establish the cause, extent and severity of mould issues in the indoor environment. We combine a selection of bespoke qualitative and quantitative testing methodologies to understand:

  • What is causing the mould to grow (moisture surveying)
  • The levels of overall microbiological activity (ATP testing, dipslide testing)
  • The presence of both living and dead mould particulates in air and on surfaces, as well as hidden areas like void spaces (NAHA testing, SEM analysis)
  • The impact on overall air quality (particulate and air quality testing)
  • The quantities of live/dead microbiological matter present on surfaces and in the air (Next-generation DNA quantification)
  • The species of fungi and bacteria present (Next-generation DNA sequencing)

DF&A then contextualise our findings, helping you to understand what this means for the particular property, and the actions required to resolve the issues.

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