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DNA Analysis

DF&A have elevated the investigation of microbiological contamination within our industry to new levels with the introduction of Next-Generation DNA analysis. Qualitative techniques like dipslide analysis or ATP analysis provide a good snapshot of the level of microbiological activity, but do not provide quantitative means of understanding the levels of microbiological matter, nor the species of fungi, bacteria or viruses present.

DF&A first carry out a process of DNA extraction and quantification from both surface and air samples to establish the amount of DNA within a sample, and therefore, microbiological matter present. Through a bespoke process of lysing, barcoding and fluorometer analysis, and whole genome amplification, DF&A can then provide detailed statistical analysis of the microbiome within a given sample down to species level.

DF&A use Next-Generation DNA analysis to:

  • Quantify the amount of microbiological matter present
  • Draw conclusions on its viability (living or dead) based on the amount of DNA extracted
  • Amplify DNA to understand its source
  • Speciate DNA from samples of mould, water or other matter to establish the presence of fungi, bacteria or viruses
  • Provide analytical data and reporting to contextualise the extent and severity of biological contamination within the property

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