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Particulate Analysis

DF&A use particulate analysis to establish the size and quantities of particulates within the air at a property. DF&A do this to establish the presence of airborne contaminants, as well as to understand the overall air quality in a property not only in comparison to the immediate external environment but also against national air quality standards.

Our air testing units measure particle size, size distribution and calculate particle mass for specific particle diameters, particularly those particles deemed to be in the respirable range. Our results are then reported against an air quality index to contextualise them, thus helping to identify the likely source of particulate contamination.

DF&A us particulate analysis to:

  • Establish the presence or otherwise of dust and/or mould related particulate issues
  • Qualify whether there are air quality issues following a fire
  • Understand the extent and severity of airborne contaminants
  • Carry out clearance air testing following the completion of restoration and remediation works
  • Guide investigation into likely sources of contamination

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