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PCR Analysis

DF&A carry out polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis to confirm the presence of particular viruses and bacteria. Many are familiar with PCR testing as a standard part of COVID-19 detection, and we use the same methodology to establish whether particular harmful bacteria or viruses are present within a property following a disaster.

The main application of PCR testing is to turn a small amount of DNA into a larger amount of DNA. The process involves making new DNA by copying the sample DNA (template DNA). A new copy is made from the template DNA in each cycle. This leads to an exponential increase in DNA. Only a target set of DNA is amplified. In each case a specific gene on the DNA genome for the bacteria/virus in question is chosen as the target, with all the reagents targeting this gene only.

DF&A use PCR analysis to:

  • Identify the presence of Legionella on surfaces
  • Identify the presence of COVID-19 on surfaces
  • Identify the presence of other viruses of concern e.g. RSV on surfaces

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