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Source of Water

When dealing with water damage issues in a property, there are typically two key concerns. Firstly, where is the water coming from, and secondly, does the water contain any contaminants? To effectively resolve an ongoing damp problem within a property, the cause of the water ingress must be understood; be it rising damp, ground water movement, foul water escape, a mains leak, or a leak from a household utility such as a dishwasher or washing machine. Especially after floods or a sewage back surge, you also need to be confident that any remaining water isn’t contaminated, and put in place an appropriate remediation methodology.

DF&A utilise a variety of chemical and microbiological testing methodologies to establish the source of water, as well as whether the water is contaminated in any way. Our scientific testing ensures that you understand:

  • Where the water/damp issue is coming from within the property
  • The levels of overall microbiological activity within the water sample
  • The unique chemical fingerprint of the water sample to definitively establish its source
  • That if water is from a flood, is there any secondary contamination risk within the property
  • Whether the water is from a foul water source
  • Whether further investigation works is required to establish the source e.g. leak detection, invasive testing

DF&A then contextualise our findings, helping you to understand what this means for the particular property, and the actions required to resolve the issues.

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