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VOC Analysis

DF&A use volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis to establish the presence of potentially harmful chemical gases found within a property especially after fires. VOC’s are ubiquitous in most inhabited environments, as organic compounds are commonplace in many items and construction materials within a property. However, following fires, chemical, water or mould events, VOC’s can be raised within a property, which can be a source of concern for occupants.

DF&A carry out VOC analysis using industry leading potable Infra-Red, (FT-IR), spectrometry equipment, and are able to detect a wide range of gases within a detection limit down to fractions of a part per million (PPM). Infra-red spectra are obtained from the results of air sampling and using the height and width of peaks within these spectra, a concentration for the components of air can be calculated and reported.

DF&A use VOC analysis to:

  • Establish the extent and severity of fire related gaseous contaminants in the air
  • Establish the types and quantities of chemical contamination within the air
  • Identify any non-visible sources of odour within a property
  • Carry out clearance testing following restoration and remediation works

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