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Thermal Imaging

When investigating an ongoing water leak or damp issue, it is crucial to gain as much information as possible to pinpoint the cause. Attempts to resolve damp issues often suffer from failing to gain a full picture of the problem, and without employing a full range of investigation tools, the cause, extent and severity of the damage can remain unknown.

DF&A use a comprehensive range of investigation tools including thermal imaging to understand the nature of the damp problem. Thermal imaging is used to measure the temperature of a given surface, identifying hot and cold surfaces. Typically, wet surfaces are colder than surrounding dry surfaces due to the cooling effect of moisture evaporation. By using industry leading thermal imaging technology, DF&A ensure that we provide you with the information and context needed to conclude a damp or water leak investigation – first time.

DF&A use thermal imaging to:

  • Source unidentified water leaks
  • Identify condensation issues
  • Establish the extent and severity of damp issues

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